Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Google Page One Faster

Google Page One Faster as a search term is the highest ranked keyword that we have that delivers actual results to our telephone

These days everyone seems more interested in getting to google page one faster than ever before. Whilst I understand that Google represents around 65% of the total search traffic for the UK but by result that means that there will be 35% of the searches going elsewhere

Not all search engines are the same and many people chase the tail of getting to Google page one faster than any other search engine. However consider a simple business method of the successful for a moment.

Sometimes it's better to look at where people are coming from than follow them to where they are going. Getting there first is what society challenges us to do. However, we still give medals for silver and bronze.

Bing and Yahoo, silver and bronze if you like, are faster, potentially more reliable search engines than Google. Their results and indexations are less complicated and they deliver results from real people

I'm sure Google would love you to continue doing word of mouth advertising for them as we 'hooverise' our search terms to "google it". But next time you are trying to get a keyword on Google page one faster, spare a thought for Bing and Yahoo and monitor those results before ploughing ahead

Monday, April 18, 2011

Google Page One Guaranteed

Every day we have enquires from companies that have tried many ways of getting their website onto page one of Google for some of their chosen keywords

Many people have websites that have not been updated since they were first launched, have become littered with errors and frankly probably don;t work too well.

New search enquires have no loyalty to any website, people vote with their feet. On average you have just seven seconds and three clicks to impress a new searcher. Remember, they are looking for the products or services they require and have found your website. If it's difficult to find what they want they will vanish almost as quickly as they found you

Every visitor should be treated as precious, they should enjoy the visual image of the site, feel comfortable with the navigation and hopefully reward you by making an enquiry.

If your visitor traffic is high but noone spends much time on your site and you receive very few enquiries the public are telling you something important.

If you don't fix your website you may as well not have it

If you'd like us to give you a free report on what you could do to turn your poor performing website into a genuine cash machine why not give us a call on 0121 661 9355

We guarantee to have your website performing on page one of Google

free local business website

Every small business seminar I have been to lately has featured online marketing. Birmingham City Council, Barclays, Deliottes, every one of them has featured the importance of marketing a website.

There are very simple ways of getting new traffic to your website by simply making sure that your website address is included on all of your marketing materials. But that alone won't produce the joys that you see and hear other companies getting.

Google has a set of rules that it includes in it's Webmaster Central portion of their website. The rules are clear enough....if you understand the language but like most specialist fields they are made to appear much more difficult.

We run free seminars for small and medium sized businesses to show them what has been achieved by some of our existing clients.

We also offer training to anyone that wants to make their website come to life and start producing genuine enquiries.

Site2Rent was developed to offer SME's a free loacl business website operating for their trade or profession in the area they trade in. For example if you search accountant Coventry, or Coventry accountant you should find one of our websites on page one of Google,

This site alone receives some 500 visitors per month and generates between 30 and 50 enquires per month. If you are an accountant in Coventry and enquiry is worth at least £1000 so if you were to get even 5 new clients a month your website is worth nearly £60,000 worth of new business every year

Imagine that......

Google Page One Faster

Most people posting the search "Google page one faster" are searching for methods to bring their website onto the first page of Google to propel their business into the online market.

The reality is that gone are the days when you could produce a website and get a reasonable level of searches for your product or service just by having a website. With an estimated 8 million new websites being launched every month worldwide competition for places on page one of Google gets more fierce every day.

A recent CBI report showed that SME's who were trading online were growing four times faster that traditional retail businesses in the same market sector.

The UK is the largest buyer of products online in the UK and as Matt Brittin, CEO of Google UK said last week if you aren't making the most of online trading it's the same as having a retail show and keeping the door closed.

In 2010 UK companies spend 7%of GDP on online marketing to an audience of 1.8bn Internet users. By the end of this decade there will be 5bn people using the Internet for some 80% of their purchases. There will be 10bn mobile phone users accessing the Internet.

If you believe that this is the time to find out how your business could grow then we can offer you a free website, free hosting, free emails for twelve months to show you what can be acheived.

We'd like to hear from you, we won't bite, we won't talk jargon and we won't rip you off.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Best Adwords Campaign

Many businesses start their adventure with marketing their business online by setting up a Google Adwords account. For many people this represents no more than a dabble with the Internet in as cheap a way as it looks possible.

With the recession responsible for changing the way we think about advertising and expenditure it can seem like a cost effeective way of finding out how many people are searching and enquring about your products and services

However, as too many businesses have found out to their cost its more like a escalating addiction. Many people set a relatively low daily Adwords budget and then find that the fund has run out by 11am so they increase it. Often without any real regard for the results that have (or haven't) been achieved.

We have a range of pre-built and indexed sites for a vast array of business types in market specific areas and geographically targetted towns, counties and cities.

Put simply we build websites for a range of keywords that are searched in volume by the public. We then receive anything from hundreds to thousands of visitors to each site attracted by the accuracy of the search term they have selected and the page position of the website on Google.

We are website designers and search engine optimisers, we can make things happen on the Internet but we can't be all things to all men so we just can't help anyone calling for a taxi in Coventry or looking for a hairdresser in Basingstoke. That's where you come in!

The highest cost PPC Adwords on Google

Google's income based sponsored links have caught the imagination of a huge number of businesses during 2010. Fuelled by the desire to gain more online business how have these fared?

We asked a number of businesses about their experience of using Google's PPC Adwords campaign.

For many they have started off with a relatively low PPC cost for a particular keyword and then dramatically increased as the competition has seen the same market and started their own PPC campaign

With only ten listings for organic (natural) websites to be listed on page one of Google PPC can look like a quick cheap fix for anyone wanting to simply see what the Internet can add to their business.

At this point it's worth mentioning that every time your competitors click your sponsored link they are costing you money. We have a number of clients in competing areas that are raging a personal war on their competitors. The only real winners here are Google themselves.

We offer an alternative that delivers a complete five page website, already indexed and appearing on page one of Google. We offer these for rental on either a fixed monthly rate or a rate per unique visitor (not to be confused with PPC which is per click, not per unique visitor)

If you are paying a huge sum for your PPC campaign maybe it's worth talking to us about a better way of achieving online results.

Choosing one of our sites will give you access to traffic for your chosen market, targetted traffic of UK visitors looking for your product or service now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is now so popular that business owners can no longer consider it as a site only people who want to connect online.
In fact, in September 2010, Facebook surpassed Google in regards to the amount of time users spent on their site. Facebook now states that members spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook! When you consider that there were over 33 billion searches on Google in the same month you have some idea how big Facebook really is. Everyone wants to get to page one of Google but when you have a captive audience of over 600 million active users isn’t it time that your business took advantage and had its own Facebook business page?
With Facebook’s incredible popularity across diverse age groups, integrated email applications, and now with the new Bing search integration. Now more than ever before Google has real competition and is in the process of having regular disagreements with Facebook. As a result of recent changes to include Bing search results on Facebook a user no longer need to visit Google for searches or log off to use an email application. All designed by Facebook to make sure that a member stays on the Facebook site longer and longer. Pretty soon they may be able to experience the Internet fully without leaving Facebook. Already more than 50% of the entire Facebook membership actively logs into Facebook every day, that’s over 300 million people! Facebook is now so important to your potential customers’ lives that it is essential for your business to have a Facebook business page where your prospects are hanging out on a daily basis.
If you’re not already convinced, let’s clear up a few things that we have found have confused business owners about Facebook. Firstly, a Business Page is not a personal profile, it’s a separate entity that shows exactly what you are good at.
Are Business Pages Also Called Fan Pages?
If you’ve been using Facebook for a while you may remember that Facebook used to call Business Pages – Fan Pages. Additionally, it used to be that someone became a fan of your Fan Page. Now they need to “like you.” By simply clicking the “like” button on your Facebook Business Page. Facebook may have changed the titles as they become more and more aware of their own global domination but a Fan Page is no different to a Business Page – they are one and the same.
All Facebook Business Pages start off with the set-up of a personal Facebook profile. You can’t just jump to the Facebook Business Page set up. This is because the email address and name that you use for your personal profile must be one connected to a person and not a general catchall email like Ideally this should be an email address with restricted access. If you have an employee set up your Facebook Business Page account and the personal profile portion of your Facebook Business Page, you don’t want to connect the new account to the employee’s own personal email address. If the employee does ever leaves your employment, you could lose complete access to your Facebook Business Page, all of your accumulated fans, and potentially have no control over any of the content on your Facebook Business Pages after their departure.

Why Exactly Would a Business Owner Want a Business Page?
Facebook Business Pages provide a perfect opportunity to contact all people who “Like” your Facebook Business Page with one click newsletters, interactive discussion questions, creating a forum, setting up events and inviting fans to attend, and even the ability to create specialised welcome and shopping pages. Your Facebook Business Page operates like a mini website with a captive audience of 600 million potential customers
Creating Your Business Page Vanity URL
Once you have 25 people who have clicked that they “Like” your Facebook Business Page, you can select a short and easy to remember name to promote your Facebook Business Page on your website and business card.
Your Facebook Business Page goes having a long and meaningless URL to one that simply says It is very important to understand that once you have selected your Facebook URL you will not be able to change the name, so select carefully.
Best Practice Tips for Keeping Your New Facebook Business Page Updated
Sometimes new Facebook Business Page owners get excited and post what seems like a constant flow of information on their wall. It is important to understand that what you post on your wall is posted on the wall of the people who have clicked “Like” on your page. We are able to handle all of the Facebook Business Page updating on your behalf. Facebook is not likeTwitter where the more posts, or “tweets” as they are called create greater responses. On Facebook Business Pages 5 to 10 status updates a day could get you blocked or hidden by fans when they feel you have inundated their wall with your daily or hourly updates.
We hope that this has helped to introduce you to Facebook Business Pages. If you haven’t set up a Facebook Business Page, now’s the time to consider it before someone else does. Facebook is only getting more popular and is actively seeking to encourage the business community into their website with demographic based pay per click advertising and the new integrated search with We would be more than happy to show you some of the ideas that we have used to not only create Facebook Business Pages for business owners. More importantly we’d love to show you what effect a Facebook Business Page has had on creating new business opportunities.
If you’d like a free, no obligation chat about how we can help establish your business with a Facebook Business Page of its own then send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through what’s involved