Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Google Page One Faster

Google Page One Faster as a search term is the highest ranked keyword that we have that delivers actual results to our telephone

These days everyone seems more interested in getting to google page one faster than ever before. Whilst I understand that Google represents around 65% of the total search traffic for the UK but by result that means that there will be 35% of the searches going elsewhere

Not all search engines are the same and many people chase the tail of getting to Google page one faster than any other search engine. However consider a simple business method of the successful for a moment.

Sometimes it's better to look at where people are coming from than follow them to where they are going. Getting there first is what society challenges us to do. However, we still give medals for silver and bronze.

Bing and Yahoo, silver and bronze if you like, are faster, potentially more reliable search engines than Google. Their results and indexations are less complicated and they deliver results from real people

I'm sure Google would love you to continue doing word of mouth advertising for them as we 'hooverise' our search terms to "google it". But next time you are trying to get a keyword on Google page one faster, spare a thought for Bing and Yahoo and monitor those results before ploughing ahead

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