Monday, April 18, 2011

Google Page One Faster

Most people posting the search "Google page one faster" are searching for methods to bring their website onto the first page of Google to propel their business into the online market.

The reality is that gone are the days when you could produce a website and get a reasonable level of searches for your product or service just by having a website. With an estimated 8 million new websites being launched every month worldwide competition for places on page one of Google gets more fierce every day.

A recent CBI report showed that SME's who were trading online were growing four times faster that traditional retail businesses in the same market sector.

The UK is the largest buyer of products online in the UK and as Matt Brittin, CEO of Google UK said last week if you aren't making the most of online trading it's the same as having a retail show and keeping the door closed.

In 2010 UK companies spend 7%of GDP on online marketing to an audience of 1.8bn Internet users. By the end of this decade there will be 5bn people using the Internet for some 80% of their purchases. There will be 10bn mobile phone users accessing the Internet.

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