Monday, April 18, 2011

Google Page One Guaranteed

Every day we have enquires from companies that have tried many ways of getting their website onto page one of Google for some of their chosen keywords

Many people have websites that have not been updated since they were first launched, have become littered with errors and frankly probably don;t work too well.

New search enquires have no loyalty to any website, people vote with their feet. On average you have just seven seconds and three clicks to impress a new searcher. Remember, they are looking for the products or services they require and have found your website. If it's difficult to find what they want they will vanish almost as quickly as they found you

Every visitor should be treated as precious, they should enjoy the visual image of the site, feel comfortable with the navigation and hopefully reward you by making an enquiry.

If your visitor traffic is high but noone spends much time on your site and you receive very few enquiries the public are telling you something important.

If you don't fix your website you may as well not have it

If you'd like us to give you a free report on what you could do to turn your poor performing website into a genuine cash machine why not give us a call on 0121 661 9355

We guarantee to have your website performing on page one of Google

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