Monday, April 18, 2011

free local business website

Every small business seminar I have been to lately has featured online marketing. Birmingham City Council, Barclays, Deliottes, every one of them has featured the importance of marketing a website.

There are very simple ways of getting new traffic to your website by simply making sure that your website address is included on all of your marketing materials. But that alone won't produce the joys that you see and hear other companies getting.

Google has a set of rules that it includes in it's Webmaster Central portion of their website. The rules are clear enough....if you understand the language but like most specialist fields they are made to appear much more difficult.

We run free seminars for small and medium sized businesses to show them what has been achieved by some of our existing clients.

We also offer training to anyone that wants to make their website come to life and start producing genuine enquiries.

Site2Rent was developed to offer SME's a free loacl business website operating for their trade or profession in the area they trade in. For example if you search accountant Coventry, or Coventry accountant you should find one of our websites on page one of Google,

This site alone receives some 500 visitors per month and generates between 30 and 50 enquires per month. If you are an accountant in Coventry and enquiry is worth at least £1000 so if you were to get even 5 new clients a month your website is worth nearly £60,000 worth of new business every year

Imagine that......

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