Thursday, February 25, 2010

Website Tuner

SiteChooser are pleased to announce the launch of, a completely free of charge report on the very foundations of your website.

Before spending huge amounts of money on detailed reports or SEO specialists, have you stopped to think whether the basic building blocks of your website are correct? If your website has issues at the very base of it, no amount of money or specialist help will bring you the results you crave. The first thing any good SEO specialist will say is “we need to get your code sorted out before we do anything else”.

Most people start looking into purchasing complex reports about their website in the hope that they will be able to decipher what it is their website is missing, in most cases there is a very simple reason that is stopping your website from performing better with the major search engines.

The basic code and building blocks that make up your website has errors.

Errors within your website will in extreme cases stop a search engine being able to index your website completely and even minor mistakes will result in your website being deemed not as relevant as other sites that are written correctly.

Do not spend money on expensive reports or search engine optimisation until the foundations of your website are sound and solid. Build on it before this and the whole thing could topple over, build on a safe foundation and the thing will just get stronger and stronger. provides a completely free of charge, straight forward report on the actual foundations of your website, what code errors exist (if any), where they are and we’ll even give our complete and honest opinion as to what we think of your site - with no holds barred. Whether your website makes sense, whether we’d read it if we weren’t being paid to and whether it’s obvious what goods or services you’re trying to sell.

Our report is comprehensive but uncomplicated in its design. You can use the data we provide to either repair the errors yourself, pass the report to your web designer or if you don’t know where to start, we can provide you with a no obligation quotation to carry out the repairs for you.

The Website Tuner report is available completely free of charge, delivered by email usually within 48 hours. The report is available for business websites only, of up to 10 pages, should anyone wish to order a report on a larger site, please request a report by visiting and completing our request form and we’ll see what we can do.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why should your school have a website?

Why should your school have a website?

A school website is an effective and fast becoming essential way of communicating with your school's wider community, including parents, pupils and prospective pupils.A properly constructed school website is an information system far more powerful than anything else your school can provide to the wider community. A good school website will efficiently structure content, images, communications and an extensive array of multimedia technology that will leave your visitors with a far greater knowledge and insight into your school than any other form of media would have the ability to do.

Most schools may already have an online presence and feel that they have satisfied the requirements of their parents need for online information. However, if your school website was built a few years ago and has not been updated since (most haven’t), are you really supplying the information both current parents and pupils would wish to have access to. Such as when is the next PTA meeting, when is the next recorder practice, what date is half term holiday?

So, if your school website states that your reception class will be enjoying Spanish lessons this term, although the person who did provide the Spanish lessons has not done so for 2 years or so – is that providing a good service to your current crop of parents and students? Your school sits at the centre of the local and wider community and should have an obligation to link to the community and assist it as much as possible.

Ask yourself, or, raise the question at the next PTA meeting – what should be the role of your school website?

To provide up to date and useful information?
To accurately portray the overall spirit of the school?
To bring together the community?
To advise of its mission within the community?
To gain market research and parent and pupil opinion?
To reduce some of your support and customer service costs?
To make a wider audience aware of the schools work?
To find new students?
To conduct e-commerce for school items?
To reduce printing and mailing costs?

Ask yourself, how many of these criteria your school website is currently succeeding in.
A lot of parents these days search for schools online by visiting websites and comparing features, will your school website stand up against the next one down the road if you haven’t detailed any of the valuable improvements you have made over the last few years on your website?

At we pride ourselves on providing you with the website your school and its community deserves. Our services are hassle free and surprisingly cost effective. Whether you require a completely new school website or your old site updating, we can assist you and make the whole process completely stress free from start to finish.
All of our school websites and nursery websites are produced by our in-house team of professional website and graphic designers. Over 90% of our work comes through referrals from existing and satisfied clients.

At SiteChooser School Websites we guarantee that our school website code is 100% valid against the very latest industry guidelines. With search engines becoming smarter all the time, there has never been a more important time to have valid website code. A school website with valid website code will invariably perform better with major search engines than a website with code errors. In fact, should a site have too many code errors, search engines will not be able to read the content of a website and it will then not feature in their listings at all.

Should you be thinking of appointing a website designer to produce your new school website, run a few of their portfolio sites through the following free web code checker found at, if the sites you check return with errors it may be time to give SiteChooser a call.

Why is it so important for your school to be online?

The latest industry reports show that 82% of consumers use search engines first to find information online, that includes searching for information on schools and nurseries.

Visit and ask us for a no obligation chat to discover just how easy it can be to put your school at the very heart of your community.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School and Nursery Websites

We are proud to unveil a revamped section of our website. has been created to replace our childcare section.

The area will provide information for childrens nursery, primary school, secondary school, academy, college and university websites, along with a new service providing search engine optimisation in respect of the same.

Feel free to have a look and refer us to any of your friends or colleagues who may work in the education sector.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Search Engine Optimisation

How can companies know if they are getting value for money from their SEO?

It is astonishing some of the high rates that are being quoted to small businesses, sometimes, many thousands of pounds without any guarantee for success.

Without question, some people are being taken advantage of due to their own lack of knowledge within the SEO field. As time moves on, companies of all shapes and sizes will become more informed and more aware of what is fast becoming a vital service. Competition will increase enormously and consequently, more reasonable rates will be offered to those that are seeking an affordable route to advertising their company website.

Some of our smaller clients often get suckered in to paying ridiculous prices for advertising in online business directories, even though most of them are worthless schemes that are dramatically overpriced. Yet another example on how the uninformed are being taken advantage of. A huge amount of our customers remain wary of using SEO services to work on their own website, yet they will hand their money over to A N Other business directory without any guarantee of success because they’ve been drawn in by the sales spiel.

It becomes increasingly infuriating when clients, who wanted to spend as little as possible on their web design, call back and complain that the website that we designed for them is not generating the new business they had been expecting. These are the very same people who were not interested in having any SEO carried out on their new website but have since handed over hundreds of pounds to highly polished salesmen from Business Directories.

In conclusion, the only way that the average person is going to understand the importance of SEO services is to actually talk through what is available with their website designers. After having been referred to us by a trusted source, having received the website you wanted at the price you wanted, having been shown that the code within the site is without error, having seen your new site get listed with the major search engines – WHY OH WHY do you then go and give your hard earned money to a business directory and not talk to your web designer.

SiteChooser are happy to provide SEO services only based upon success – YES we do provide a guarantee.

Visit us at to get in touch and find out how you can get true value for money on SEO services.