Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Best Adwords Campaign

Many businesses start their adventure with marketing their business online by setting up a Google Adwords account. For many people this represents no more than a dabble with the Internet in as cheap a way as it looks possible.

With the recession responsible for changing the way we think about advertising and expenditure it can seem like a cost effeective way of finding out how many people are searching and enquring about your products and services

However, as too many businesses have found out to their cost its more like a escalating addiction. Many people set a relatively low daily Adwords budget and then find that the fund has run out by 11am so they increase it. Often without any real regard for the results that have (or haven't) been achieved.

We have a range of pre-built and indexed sites for a vast array of business types in market specific areas and geographically targetted towns, counties and cities.

Put simply we build websites for a range of keywords that are searched in volume by the public. We then receive anything from hundreds to thousands of visitors to each site attracted by the accuracy of the search term they have selected and the page position of the website on Google.

We are website designers and search engine optimisers, we can make things happen on the Internet but we can't be all things to all men so we just can't help anyone calling for a taxi in Coventry or looking for a hairdresser in Basingstoke. That's where you come in!

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