Friday, July 10, 2009

Simple website check

In preparation of our new website I thought I'd point out a real simple way of checking whether the basics of your website are up to scratch.

We always point our clients towards to check whether the fundamentals of their website are correct. It's dead simple to use, simply pop your website address in the W3C address bar and click on the check button. If the coding for the page is spot on you'll get a lovely green return telling you everything is hunky dorey, if it returns a red page however, this shows what coding errors exist on that particular page. This can then be printed off and given to your website designer with the message 'sort that lot out or I'm off'.

At we're proud that every site we produce carries the W3C code validation button at the foot of the page, this is our clear statement that we respect the code of the page and have spent our time in making it correct.

It's simple for you to check whether your site has been written as it should be, why not check yours now? If there are issues with your code and your existing designer either can't be bothered to put them right or god forbid doesn't have the knowledge to correct them, give SiteChooser a call and we'll advise you how we can help you out.

Once again, give your code the love it deserves.

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