Monday, July 6, 2009

Pulling the wool over their eyes.

We've been a bit infuriated this week.

We spend ages trying to get our clients websites just right and ready for the big bad world of the Internet, then we check what some members of the competition are doing and it drives us mad.

Are we the only people who think that the code behind a site should be valid and correct, the amount of sites we're coming across that look real nice cosmetically, the owners of the sites are happy with them because they look pretty, but, look behind the scenes and the web code is as messy as an upturned plate of spaghetti.

They come to and ask us why they aren't getting business through their website or even any enquiries, we then have to break the news that despite them having spent hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds the chances are that the major search engines won't list their sites as they can't read the web code it's made up of and therefore just skips past them - they're not very happy when they hear this.

We then get the job of either trying to back engineer the site to repair it or re-writing the whole thing, don't get me wrong we're happy with the work but it's a bit of a kick in the teeth for the customer having to pay out twice for the same thing.

In the near future we've decided to launch a new site called where people can come and get a free evaluation of their site, the state of the code, link verification, readability etc. We'll keep the blog updated of it's progress.

In the meantime, give your code the love it deserves.

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