Friday, February 5, 2010

Search Engine Optimisation

How can companies know if they are getting value for money from their SEO?

It is astonishing some of the high rates that are being quoted to small businesses, sometimes, many thousands of pounds without any guarantee for success.

Without question, some people are being taken advantage of due to their own lack of knowledge within the SEO field. As time moves on, companies of all shapes and sizes will become more informed and more aware of what is fast becoming a vital service. Competition will increase enormously and consequently, more reasonable rates will be offered to those that are seeking an affordable route to advertising their company website.

Some of our smaller clients often get suckered in to paying ridiculous prices for advertising in online business directories, even though most of them are worthless schemes that are dramatically overpriced. Yet another example on how the uninformed are being taken advantage of. A huge amount of our customers remain wary of using SEO services to work on their own website, yet they will hand their money over to A N Other business directory without any guarantee of success because they’ve been drawn in by the sales spiel.

It becomes increasingly infuriating when clients, who wanted to spend as little as possible on their web design, call back and complain that the website that we designed for them is not generating the new business they had been expecting. These are the very same people who were not interested in having any SEO carried out on their new website but have since handed over hundreds of pounds to highly polished salesmen from Business Directories.

In conclusion, the only way that the average person is going to understand the importance of SEO services is to actually talk through what is available with their website designers. After having been referred to us by a trusted source, having received the website you wanted at the price you wanted, having been shown that the code within the site is without error, having seen your new site get listed with the major search engines – WHY OH WHY do you then go and give your hard earned money to a business directory and not talk to your web designer.

SiteChooser are happy to provide SEO services only based upon success – YES we do provide a guarantee.

Visit us at to get in touch and find out how you can get true value for money on SEO services.

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