Monday, October 11, 2010

Google page one fast, even faster than a bullet

For those of you that don't believe in the value of blogs and blogging generally it may be of interest to learn that the blog from Friday 8th October 2010 under the title "Google page one, faster than a cup of tea" was indexed and searched on page one of Google no fewer than 126 times within two hours of being posted.

For those searchers who had simply typed "Google page one faster" the results were clear to see and from an impact point of view delivered no fewer than four new enquires to Sitechooser for search engine optimisation in Birmingham alone.

If you were looking to add a blog to your existing website then why not give us a call, it can be completed same day and will cost you around £100 to set up. Compare that to the cost of any other form of advertising and delivering new enquiries and you'll soon realise what an excellent ROI that is.

From a practical point of view we took about half an hour aside a day to write a new blog posting and sit back and wait for the results.

Some days we target words like "website design Birmingham" and on other days we are more inventive and target real buying words like "pay by result SEO Birmingham" either way it produces new enquiries which allow is to have a steady flow of new enquiries every day.

Is this something you are interested in?

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